Hazael Haven History


safe_imageHazael Haven was established as a nonprofit organization on October 30, 2012. Our founder, Jenny Delacruz, felt drawn to respond to the thousands of families impacted by domestic violence in Philadelphia. Hazael Haven, Inc. was birthed out of a great need. For the past 30 years, only one shelter in Philadelphia had been providing direct service to women and children experiencing domestic violence. Jenny wanted to create a way to meet not only the physical needs of those experiencing domestic violence, but also to provide them with biblical counseling and access to resources to help them build a better life.

Last year there were over 7000 women and children turned away from emergency shelter in our city of Philadelphia. Hazael Haven, Inc. aims to alleviate this problem by providing women and children experiencing domestic violence with housing, individual/family biblical counseling, support groups, safety planning, legal aid, education, employment assistance, and referrals to resources in the community .


Address: P.O. Box 19204
Philadelphia, PA 19143
Website: www.hazaelhaven.org
Phone: (267) 292-4558